the Golden Triangle – Essential Oil




"For purification, balance and harmony"

This fragranc frequency consists of proportional parts of the essences Amethyst,Rose Quartz and
and Clear Quartz.

The combination of these three scents provides energetically more balance and tranquility in the home. But this is also a nice frequency to use for your own state of mind. It gives peace and a peaceful life full of strength and harmony. Read the information about the different essences in this frequency on the site under the fragrances. You can find all these fantastic supports in this one bottle! In addition to this fragrance frequency, it is also very nice to create a Golden Triangle in your home with stones.

How to use
This harmonious scent is nice to use in or around the house. It gives a loving and peaceful atmosphere.
As an aura spray, it is nice to use the scent when you need it. Close your eyes when using and spray now 2 times above your head, 1 time on the right side and 1 time on the left side. Let the mist descend over you for a moment and feel what is happening to you.
Crystals that match The Golden Triangle
When you place these three crystals - Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz - together they generate an optimal positive energy flow. The energy of these three stones connects so well that this miracle has been given the name ´´.

You can place these stones in your living environment in a triangle, so that an energy field is created. The size of the stones determines the size of the range. For example, if a stone is 5 cm, subtract 1 cm from that, which is left, in this case 4 cm is the perimeter in meters of the range within the triangle. So 4 meters in this case.

The Golden Triangle will bring more peace, balance and relaxation to your space.
Essential Oil bottle 10ml €15,25
Essential Oil auraspray 50ml €15,25


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